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2005 XC90 Door – Can’t Open From Inside DIY Fix

Need to fix that 2005 XC90 Door ?

MVS Contributor cn90 »

If you can’t open the door from inside, check “Child Lock” thingy first. Happened to my right rear door: cable came off INNER door handle.
Same issue in P80 (Volvo 850, S70 etc.).Since this is an easy fix, I did all 4 doors with zipties and I have have tool and technique down.
It was only 10 min per subsequent door. Chances are the plastic clip holding the door cable is cracked and this allows the cable to detach.
The good news is: this is easy fix, about 15 minutes max.

  1. Watch this youtube video by “1AAuto dot com”:
  2. When prying the trim piece, pry gently to detach it so it moves a bit toward you. There are 3 tabs that click in. Don’t break them.
    Just gently pry it toward you, then up.
  3. Then Torx 25 screws x2.
  4. Pry around the door trim using upholstery tool wrapped with cloth.
    * There are 9 plastic clips.
    * Electrical connector(s): d/c it.
  5. Now study the design where the cable is attached. Use your common sense.
    * I drilled 5/32″ holes for ziptie to wrap around the door cable.
    * Just drill near the base of the side plastic partitions as shown, near the base, this way it is more solid.
    Don’t drill the hole near you, go for the base of the partition.

Can’t Open Door from Inside

Also see S60 Door Won’t Open from Inside – The Fix because these two mostly overlap in parts and technique.

Let us know when you try this 2005 XC90 Door fix!

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