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2008+ V70 and XC70 – How to Replace Dome Light with LED

LED dome light for xc70

Get Better Looking Interior Lighting

MVS Contributor pierremcalpine writes a great DIY on improving the light in 2008+ XC70 and V70 Volvos. He’s switched all the other lights over to LED already, but this was more difficult, so he kindly documented it for us.

P3 2008+ V70 and XC70 – Guide: How to Replace Dome Lighting with LED’s

I got tired of the yellow lighting in the car and made the call to upgrade to LED for all interior lights. All of the festoon lights were easy replacements. License plate, footwell, glove compartment and vanity – all were like for like replacements. The dome lighting proved a bit more tricky. I opted to employ a method where some basic soldering is involved. This allowed me to bypass any 5W5 fit challenges.


  • Wire cutter
  • Soldering iron, solder
  • Small flat head screwdriver


Note that the above lights seem to have done the trick but they are extremely inexpensive! I will update this post over the next few months if it turns out that I have any issues.


Replacing the dome lighting: The rear seating dome lighting assembly must be removed completely from the vehicle to get at the two lights. This is done by pulling directly downwards. Be cautious, the rear seating dome has two wire harnesses connected to it with very limited slack. Pulling too hard may damage the connectors.

Once pulled out, the two connectors need to be unplugged to be able to take the assy out of the vehicle. The green connector is a bit tricky as you need to insert a small screwdriver below it in order to lift the tab before pulling back. The blue one is more straight forward with the tab located on top.

VRD: GUIDE: Dome Lighting LED for rear seating and front

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