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DIY Replace Tensioner / Idler / AC Clutch / Guide Pin V70 2010


MVS Forums Contributor pierremcalpine cranks out a detailed, 2800-word DIY on replacing the tensioner, idler, AC clutch and guide pin on 2010 V70 cars. This will work as a guide for all P3 Volvos, possibly with the exception of diesel models.

This outstanding downloadable PDF covers parts you need with part numbers, tools you need, and step-by-step instructions. Here’s a snippet:

Job Summary

  • Job difficulty – if you can be careful/patient with plastic parts and you know how to remove
    bolts this job is not that difficult. It also helps if you have small hands!
  • The job does take some time to complete – I would guess 2.5hrs if you are not replacing the ac
    clutch and maybe 3.5 to 4hrs if you are.
  • I completed this job at 180,000km as I heard a noise in the area in and around the tensioner. I
    did discuss the job with my local dealership and they suggested NOT replacing the alternator
    coupler nor the water pump coupler. They did however suggest replacing the AC clutch as they
    were aware of a few that had failed in and around that mileage.
  • Upon removal, the belt looked to be well worn, the tensioner spun very freely and appears to
    have some lateral movement and the idler pulley spun very freely but seemed fine.
  • The job involves keeping track of several bolts of various sizes and lengths. I grabbed some
    Ziplocs from the kitchen and used separate bags for each component removed.


  • Tensioner
  • Idler pulley
  • Water pump alignment pin
  • AC clutch (optional)
  • Excluded: alternator coupler, water pump coupler

DIY Replace Tensioner / Idler / AC Clutch / Guide Pin – V70 2010

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