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’99 S70 Non Turbo Vacuum & Related Lines – Different Version

 MVS Contributor Electrix details the differences between his unusual N/A 1999 S70, and the standard N/A S70 »

First, this thread – 850 and S/V/C70 non-turbo vacuum lines covers quite a lot, but there are differences between what’s shown there and what is on my ’99 S70 that just add to the overall murky confusion surrounding the layout of the vacuum lines on these cars.

Mine has no vacuum tree, flame trap or nipples on the throttle body as are shown in that guide.

Since the engine is currently partially apart, I’ve photographed what I believe are all the small vacuum line attachment points aside from the brake booster, fuel pressure regulator and charcoal canister as all are a bit hard to get to (the fuel pressure regulator is underneath the car, near the fuel filter behind the rear passenger side wheel).

These photos have each nipple numbered. What I’d like to do is compile a list of what attaches to each of them so there will be a concise reference for this particular setup.

Unusual ’99 S70 N/A Vacuum System

The connections seem to be as follows. Those with a question mark at the beginning are unconfirmed. Corrections are welcome…

  1. Intake Manifold to Purge Valve, Upper (#7)
  2. White Rigid Line. Intake Manifold to Rear of Air Cleaner, Lower (#9)
  3. Intake Manifold to Vacuum Solenoid On Top of Radiator
  4. Intake Manifold to Brake Booster
  5. To Air Intake, #13 *
  6. Purge Valve, Lower to Fuel Regulator
  7. Purge Valve, Upper To Intake Manifold (#1)
  8. Black Rigid Line to Air Cleaner Air Valve (#11)
  9. White Rigid Line. Rear of Air Cleaner, Lower to Intake Manifold (#2)
  10. Oil Trap to Fresh Air Intake ( *
  11. Black Rigid Line From #8 on Rear of Air Cleaner, Upper
  12. To Oil Trap (#10)
  13. To #5 on Passenger Side of Intake Manifold
Intake Manifold, Driver’s Side
Intake Manifold, Driver’s Side
B .jpg
Photo B – Intake Manifold, Passenger Side

C .jpg
Photo C – Purge Valve

D .jpg
Photo D – Air Cleaner, Rear Side

E .jpg
Photo E – Oil Trap

F .jpg
Photo F – Air Cleaner Inlet

G .jpg
Photo G – Fresh Air Hose

Unusual ’99 S70 N/A Vacuum System

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