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S70 Door Thinks It’s Always Open – Quick Fix


Driver Door Lock Shim Does the Job

When your Volvo’s door thinks it’s open even when it’s closed, that’s one annoying problem. Here’s a simple, cheap fix that is appropriate for the age/value of the car. (Plus, I have a dark suspicion this part would cost way more than $100 at a Volvo dealer.)


My driver’s side door thinks it’s open all the time. I remedied this temporarily by adding duck tape to the latch so snugs up the connection, but this is a very short term fix.

I have heard others attempt to use JB Weld to build up that latch for a longer term “snug fit”. Does anyone have any success stories using this method?

Also, is it possible to disconnect the electrical connection, so it just thinks its closed all the time, or would the connection need a jumper?

Yes, I can replace the latch, but I am so deep in projects right now that I am looking for a medium range fix to get me through to the point where I have more time for a permanent fix. [MVS member volvooh]


This is a fairly simple fix and a common problem. There is no need to buy a $100.00+ new switch. You can do this job inside of an hour. I will not go into detail on explaining how to take the door panel apart or how to unbolt the latch.

After you have the latch out, you can see in the picture the small green pin switch that senses if the door is open or closed. After many actuations, the plastic parts wear. To fix this, I just installed a shim. In the pictures, you will see the rocker lever that pushes the pin in and our. All I did was get a metal strap, bend it as shown in the picture, cut it to size, and place it in the position that is shown. I did not use glue but you can to ensure that it stays. I did this two years ago and I haven’t had to slam my door closed since then. After its done, just put everything back together again. [MVS member angelglo]

1999 Volvo S 70 Driver Door Thinks Its Open

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