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Aftermarket Headers – Significant Quality Differences

There is no question that maintaining a Volvo is an expensive undertaking, especially when it has broken down or been involved in an accident. For the most part, most volvo owners go to a dealership for repairs because they know that the parts they will be getting are original. On the other hand, sometimes one may go to an independent body show, which can also supply aftermarket headers. So what is the big deal?

In general, getting parts from an independent body shop is a lot cheaper than going to the dealership, especially if the money is out of pocket. But on the other hand, cheaper may not also be associated with quality. More important, independent body shops also do not offer the long term warranty on aftermarket headers that dealerships offer. Plus, there are some independent body shops that cut corners and the workmanship can be shoddy. Finally, in many cases if you use a substitute part from an independent body shop, your warranty may be void.

So if you are looking for aftermarket parts for your volvo, the key is to be informed about what is available and what to avoid. Shop around as there are good deals available on aftermarket parts- the trick is to find them and have a good mechanic do the job for you.


Parts quality as a topic has never been a stranger to MVS Forums. In fact, I’d put it up against any other subject in terms of the levels of emotion and sheer number of posts it generates.

This fine example of aftermarket parts inequality caught my eye last night because it’s so stark. I’m no metalsmith to see the difference in weld and material quality between the DNA Motoring exhaust manifold and one that was made in Estonia.

Thanks to MVS Forums member xHeart for posting the two photos showing the differences.

exhaust header difference in weld and material quality

Aftermarket Header Differences

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