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Which Brake Pads to Buy?

The best way to ensure that your brake pads last a long time is proper and timely maintenance. However, one factor that drivers cannot control is the road conditions and weather. In any case, a common question that is asked is, ‘when should one replace the volvo brake pads?’ In general, brake pads should be replaced every 75,000 km or about 50,000 miles. However, this also depends on how you drive and the road condition.  In some cases, the lifespan of a brake pad can be extended to about 100,000 km, without compromising safety.

All volvo manuals do mention when brake pads should be replaced and the timing depends on the model of your vehicle. If you maintain your volvo according to schedule then you should follow the guidelines in the owner’s manual. In some cases, you may have to speak to a certified volvo mechanic when is the best time to replace the brake pads.

Some of the factors that can affect the lifespan of pads include the following:

  1. Your driving habits. The more you slam your brakes, the more friction it causes and this leads to faster wear down. Drivers who are constant speeders and brake recklessly may need to change the pads every 25,000 km.
  2. In general, people who drive their vehicles in urban areas tend to have faster breakdown of the pads. This is because of the constant stops and traffic, which require frequent application of the brakes.
  3. The composition is also important. Overall, carbon ceramic pads tend to have a longer lifespan than metallic pads but they also cost more. You need to check your Volvo owner’s manual to determine which type of pads have been recommended.

MVS Forums member Joe P asks the age-old question: what type of pads should I get for my Volvo?

I’m going to do the pads on my 850, are OEM the best for minimal noise? $75 and $40 for OEM from FCP, or are Raybestos, Beck Arnley , as good? The difference is about $40 vs OEM.

Which Brake Pads to Buy? OEM or aftermarket?

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