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August 2017 MVS Newsletter… Volvo News!

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mvs newsletter 2017 aug - August 2017 MVS Newsletter… Volvo News!

Welcome to the August 2017 MVS Newsletter!

1. The last non-electrified Polestars… sniff
2. What’s “Level IV” autonomy?
3. Who gets their oil tested?
4. POLL: Are MVS Forums over segmented?
5. Catback exhaust – does it drone?
6. Reactions to the new XC60
7. Sentimental XC60 video
8. Synthetic oil detrimental?
9. Stolen key – 2013 S60
10. QOTM is by Jason at FCP

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1. Last call to get a non-electrified Polestar is… now. The 2018 Polestars are it, folks.

2. What’s “Level IV” autonomy you ask? It’s what’s in a group of Volvo XC90s in Sweden. It’s the highest level of self-driving tech, and it’s being tested now. Note: Level III skipped by Volvo.

3. Who wants their oil tested? WE DO. When do we want it tested? NOW… or once or twice a year. Whatever works. This is a motor oil brand, viscosity, and type discussion.

4. POLL: Are MVS Forums over segmented? Too many sub-forums? Too many “content silos”?

5. Catback exhaust – 2.5 or 3 inch – does it drone? It’s a good question, because drone drives one mad. (The answer is of course “yes”, but there is nuance here. There are ways to minimize/reduce drone at certain RPMs.)

6. Here’s a reaction (AutoEvolution) to a reaction (Consumer Reports) on the new XC60. Ah, internet.

7. Here’s a sentimental, new XC60 YouTube video, if your’e into that kind of thing.

8. Can synthetic oil be detrimental? When to switch to synth?

9. “So, my key for my 2013 S60 was stolen. I have a spare. BUT…the thief probably knows where I live, thus my car is not safe.” Any advice for MVS member AlanS?

10. QOTM

The steering rack you purchased has been removed, along with every other Cardone steering rack for that matter, based on your experience and the severity.” –

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