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Interior bulbs designation, sizes, etc.

volvo repacement bulbs

Lets talk about volvo interior bulbs.

I went the Radio Shack route ($1.69/pkg of 2 bulbs #272-1092) and replaced all 5 bulbs for $5.40 – you know the others will die soon enough so do’m all). The OEM bulbs are in a black plastic case that can be reused while watching a CSI episode on TV.

1. Using a razor, carefully cut the melted “mushroom cap” that holds the wire lead that is wound through the base. With my glasses off, I have great microscopic vision!

2. With the tip of the blade, gently pry the wire away from the side of the case and unwind it. Note how it is wound twice around the base – you’ll be putting the new one in the same way. Repeat with the other lead.

3. Pull the bulb from the base and twist or push the blue cover off with your thumbnail.

4. Carefully push the blue cover over the new bulb, insert bulb in base.

5. Pull the wire leads tight and wind each twice around the indented area of the base. I didn’t solder mine. I just made sure the wire was tightly pushed (small jewelers screwdriver works well) into the circular channel at the top of the base.

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan says:

Just saw this over on another site that might interest those who are wanting to replace interior bulbs that have burned out including dash and radio. I know that Klaus has already posted about Radio Shack bulbs and we know about the Honda bulbs for the radio (in our repair database section) but this might be of help to those especially if you live in an area where these bulbs are hard to access:

MVS Forum Member Solutech replied:

Thanks to the pics in that thread I know which bulbs I need for the switches now the 17mm ones . Going to pop to the local dealer and see what prices are like.

MVS Forum Member perkinsiii added:

The instrument lights on the Heater/AC panel were burned out. The dealer said I would have to replace the circuit board to get the lights. I took out the circuit board and remove one of the bulbs and put in an 8A bulb. The 8A bulb is about 3/16″ longer than the bulb that came out so the board would not go back on the panel. The back of the hole had a plastic “X” on the back so I broke it out giving me plenty of room to put the board back on the panel. Everything put back together and it works great. Both bulbs are the same wattage so the light is the same and the heat should be the same. Hope this helps some one.

1997 Volvo 850 Wagon 131,000 miles. Been 35 years since I owed a Volvo.

Interior bulb designation, sizes, etc.

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I replaced the radio bulbs using this method. I was very happy that everything worked perfectly! Here’s another question…the lights along side each of my a/c vents are out. Does anyone have a solution for that?

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