MVS Redesigned

better legibility
new logo (don’t know if that’s a benefit per se, but there it is either way)
number of posts to show on the page, on Category and Tag pages — it’ll remember your choice, so long as you don’t delete the MVS cookie your choice is stored in
better search — Google limits free accounts to a certain number of searches per day. I’m not sure if we hit that, but it’s opened up now with a $100/year Google Custom Site Search subscription.
search looks better, let’s be honest, it was uuuugly before
Social buttons for sharing — Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
search results now have an Image tab
VRD home text re-written to explain your options more clearly

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I’m an “Amazon Affiliate”, meaning if you click any Amazon links on this site — like this one — and buy something, MVS gets a percentage of the sale!  But it doesn’t cost you a dime. Buy anything from (after clicking through from here to Amazon) and you’re helping keep this site running strong. If […]

Yay MVS! Thanks for All the Help!


“I have owned my ’97 850 wagon for about 8 years and have enjoyed driving 90,000 of its 152,000 miles myself. I have read the MVS forum for help in the past but, until today, have never needed to actually join. However, after the events of this week, I felt I needed to join to say Thank You. I cannot thank you, Matt, and all the other members for the great information and advice I found on the forum over the last few days.”


Thanks a ton for your donation. If I don’t get back to you during the drive, I will when the donation drive is over. If I still don’t get back to you, that means I goofed, and for you to please let me know if you’d like a standard Contributor avatar, or if you have […]

How to Register for the Volvo Forum

It’s Easy and Free This is not the actual form, just a picture of it. If you’re new here, you need to register. You only have to do this once. After that, it’s a matter of logging in when you revisit the site, unless you check the checkbox to remember you. So, to register, go […]

Thank You

How to say thanks to the Volvo Forum moderators

You, the Volvo Forum reader I haven’t said this lately, so here it is. Thanks for being here. Without you — the reader — it would be me screwing around with HTML and our MVS Moderation Team saying “hi” to each other every few days. And we’d be very bored. But we’re not bored because […]

How The MVS-Amazon Link Works

How to Do It If you don’t care to read more, simply… click this Amazon link and buy stuff.  It’s totally free for both me and you. There is no cost to you, ever. We both win. 🙂 The prices of items at Amazon are the same with or without this link. It’s free. It doesn’t […]

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I Love My Volvo

Want to help? Donate via PayPal (help me pay my server hosting fees: explanation) Click through to Amazon (explanation) Click through to TireRack Link to us from your site, blog or Facebook page Share your knowledge in our Volvo Forum Like the MVS Facebook page Support our sponsors — ads at the top of every page […]

What to Do After Registration

Just registered? Super! Welcome to MVS! You should have gotten a Welcome email from Matthews Volvo Site. How to Post Here’s how to post your question or comment: Log in. Go to your model’s sub-forum. See them all here. Click the “New Topic” button. Then write your post. Please follow the rules. If you’re not […]

Read Me First (Yes, You.)

Reading the Forum Rules is REQUIRED for all forum posters. That means if you register an account and choose to make a post, you must read these rules. First. Yes, you I don’t care how many forums you’ve participated in over the years. If you don’t read these rules, you stand the chance of writing […]

How to Post a Topic

1. Register if you haven’t Here’s a page on how to register for the MVS Volvo Forums. Go to the registration page. 2. Log in if you’re not logged in Enter the username and password you chose when you registered. If you’ve forgotten your password, go here. 3. Choose the right forum Simply ensure your […]