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FCP Sponsoring MVS!

HUGE NEWS! FCP Sponsoring MVS. After a brief hiatus, FCP Euro (Volvo parts) is back sponsoring this site… the MVS Volvo Forums specifically. If that’s not enough… FCP…

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MVS Redesigned

better legibility
new logo (don’t know if that’s a benefit per se, but there it is either way)
number of posts to show on the page, on Category and Tag pages — it’ll remember your choice, so long as you don’t delete the MVS cookie your choice is stored in
better search — Google limits free accounts to a certain number of searches per day. I’m not sure if we hit that, but it’s opened up now with a $100/year Google Custom Site Search subscription.
search looks better, let’s be honest, it was uuuugly before
Social buttons for sharing — Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
search results now have an Image tab
VRD home text re-written to explain your options more clearly