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Thank You

From me to you – Thank You

You, the Volvo Forum reader

I haven’t said this lately, so here it is. Thanks for being here. Without you — the reader — it would be me screwing around with HTML and our MVS Moderation Team saying “hi” to each other every few days. And we’d be very bored.

But we’re not bored because we just passed twenty-five thousand members three days ago, and you guys keep us busy.

Extra thanks to MVS Contributors who have either donated to hosting fees or have taken the time to write up and post or email me a repair tutorial, or both. These tutorials make up 95% of the Volvo Repair Database.

A tip of the hat

I’d like to acknowledge the enormous and selfless contributions of the MVS Moderation Team, without whom this forum would simply not be possible. Not at this size/traffic.

Consider this: billofdurham, DeRail, JDS60R, jblackburnMadeInJapan , Ozark Lee, phils94850 and vegasjetskier have written thirty-five THOUSAND posts. Each one of those 35k posts was written to help you readers. If that’s not mind-boggling enough, they do it for free. I don’t pay them.

Show your appreciation

Right now would be a great time to Private Message or email one or several of the moderators and say Thank You. All you have to do (when logged in) is click on any of their names above, then on the Private Message or email link.

How to say thanks to the Volvo Forum moderators
How to say thanks to the Volvo Forum moderators

Last, but certainly not least, MVS sponsors

And just as important as the moderation team are the MVS sponsors: IPD, FCP Groton,, Erie and VolvoWholesale Parts. Really, they allow me time to work on the site, work on the server, bus tables, sweep, mop and wash the MVS windows.

You can say Thank You to them by buying parts from them. When you do, simply mention that MVS sent you. Remember to click to their sites from the ads here.

Without our sponsors I guarantee you this place would not have as many users, as many Repair Database entries, and be online as often as it is (99%+).

~ ~ ~

Thanks for choosing this Volvo Forum,
Matt Herrebout
MVS Administrator


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