Volvo 240 Tattoo

Volvo 240 Tattoo

My mind did a full hard reset when I saw it. What blew my mind? A “240” tattoo. You can find this Volvo 240 tattoo adorning the leg of the wonderful Amy L, who lives on the East Coast of the U.S.

Performance Parts and GT Accessories Catalog 1979

Volvo Rsport Parts Catalog 1979 -

Note: 1979 is the closest I could date this document. If you know it’s a different year, please let me know. View/download this catalog (PDF). Volvo R Sport – A new name representing a new era in Volvo performance and competition. Volvo’s long established competition department in Gothenburg, Sweden, formerly known as Volvo Competition Service, […]

28 Years and 460k Miles – Joe’s 1986 Volvo 240DL

Not Joe’s Volvo – a similar 240 for illustration purposesA funny thing happens when you screw up an email newsletter. People write back, angry. Angry people write angry things back to you. But some correspondence turns interesting. This is one from ex-MVS member Joe, who put almost a half-million miles on his 1986 Volvo 240DL. […]

Volvo 240 Classic

My friend’s Volvo 240 Classic here in Denver – a few photos for you to enjoy. This 240 is dressed in Ruby Red, and is #420 of 1600. Between 1966 and 1993, Volvo’s bread-and-butter car was the stolid, safe and reliable 1966-74 140 Series and updated 1975-93 240 Series. Available in two-door sedan (through 1985), […]

240 Wiper Linkage

MVS Forums member blenkusha asks how to get at a 240’s wiper linkage: “I’m pretty sure my the wiper linkage needs replacing – or at least fixing. I’m guessing I have to go through the dashboard to get at it. Is this fix a pain or very time consuming?” “The driver side wiper reaches out […]