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Coronavirus Hitting Volvo’s Sales in China

The global contagion known as Coronavirus is affecting Volvo sales in China, where they were down 8%. The U.S. however was up 18.2% in the same February 2020 timeframe.

Will U.S. sales decline in March now that the virus is in North America? Only time will tell.

Volvo Cars reported global sales of 39,742 cars in February, down 8 per cent compared with the same period last year, as volumes were impacted due to continued sales pressure in China as a result of the coronavirus.  The ambition is to recover the lost volumes through global sales throughout the remainder of the year.

Volvo Cars’ other regions maintained growth momentum for the month, with volume increases of 18.2 per cent in the United States and 1.9 per cent in Europe in February compared with the same period last year.

Editorial note: Sadly, every car manufacturer has been hit with the coronavirus pandemic. For the past 4 months, car production globally has come to a stand still. Both new and used car sales are at an all time high. To make matters worse, millions of people are now either permanently or temporarily off work; and it is anyone’s guess when the car manufacturing business will resume again. Volvo has also temporarily shut down its plants in Sweden and the USA. However, both countries have slowly started to resume work and full production of cars may happen anytime. However, since most plants making car parts and raw material have also been shutdown, full production of cars prior to the coronavirus pandemic may take many months.

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