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MVS Newsletter March 2020

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Well, this is the strangest MVS newsletter I’ve ever written. COVID-19 has turned society upside down, all over the world. Stay safe, minimize contact, wash your hands. If you’re working outside your home as an essential worker, thank you. If you’re working in the medical field, thank you very much.


MVS Contributor Antoine240bk ‘s friend found this fantastic 1979 244. Wow!

Image -


“I’m a pretty selfless guy so I like to donate my used oil to my local parts store. They always seem happy to take it so I’m assuming they need it more than me. You should try thinking about someone besides yourself, Steve.”


“Volvos are just like any other collection. You just feel good having them around. They take up more space than comic books and cost more than vinyl records, but they can, maybe some day, provide more enjoyment than either of these collectables.”


“We had old ladies speaking in tongues at the grocery store. Houses had either a Norwegian, Swedish, or Finnish flag on the porch. We were not allowed to move in until we bought a used 240 wagon – it’s in the bylaws or zoning or something. We had five 240s just on our block. Norwegian Day parade was a big deal. Sons of Norway lodge in downtown Ballard. Swedish pancake breakfasts. Propeller shops working through the night to get boats back out fishing.”


“I tried. WD-40 for a day, 3- or 4-foot cheat bar, lowering the car onto the bar, cursing, lucky rabbit’s foot, walking backwards, throwing salt over my shoulder, speaking in tongues, huffing gas, summoning Omon Ra, and witchy incantations… nothing worked.”

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