Exhaust Shopping – The Seven Things to Know

The 7 exhaust checklist items

This week’s Fast Friday is a Tune My Ride! Whoo!

In it, Lucky tackles the most basic — bust most important — questions when shopping for an exhaust for your Volvo: Diameter, Shape, Material, Ease of Installation, Warranty, Sound, and Catalytic Converter + Legality of using non-OEM equipment.

Lucky: “For the most part 2.5” ID exhaust will be more than enough for most folks sub 400 bhp. For those above that level 3″ becomes a necessary option although some of that will be determined by the nature of the muffler and resonators used. Obviously the less restrictive the muffler/resonator the smaller the exhaust can be in terms of diameter. For the Downpipe portion of the exhaust, 3″ is preferred since the exhaust gasses are still quite hot and taking up considerable room as opposed to post catalyst gasses that have cooled considerably and take up less space, hence the reduction in pipe diameter for the cat back section.”

Exhaust Shopping – The Seven Things to Know

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