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Fitting the Right TD04HL-15G Turbo to Your 1996 Volvo 850

Question: Replacement Turbo Doesn’t Fit! Why?

boreddaily » Hello all. Just want to say this upfront, but I’m very new and very tired from a severe lack of sleep as of this initial post. So please, be gentle.

So here’s my problem: I have a ’96 850 Turbo Wagon and I need to replace the TD04HL-15G turbo. So I found one and took it to my mechanic this morning. Turns out it’s not quite the right one. The mfg # from what was pulled from my car is 49189-01310 (OEM # 9146785). The replacement is a 49189-01300 (OEM # 6842744?).

As you may have guessed, I didn’t know there where different ones and today I find that one has a straight/flat exhaust end and the other is angled (and I think there is a 3rd variation). And the new part is off by about an inch or so on the exhaust end (my apologies for not knowing the proper terms).

So outside of finding the exact part, what are my options? Is there an adaptor (flange?) that can be purchased? Or is there a different model that will match the -01310 where the turbo needs to mount to like a TD04HL-16 or -18, w/o having to modify anything to make it fit? And if it has to be an option, I would need to know how to find someone that can/will rebuild the original turbo since I or my mechanic can’t do it (I live in Indianapolis, btw).

Or am I a lot closer to being SOL than I am willing to admit? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer: It’s a case of Straight vs. Angled Flange

charlyW » November 16th, 2010, 10:00 am You don’t need to reweld anything

Get hold of your 15G turbo with the correct flange [possibly the rusty brown bit] undo the central clamp then with gentle but definate taps tap the brown bit off the turbo then do the same with the other one till it come off. The tricky bit is getting the parts together: You might find there is a locating pin on the rusty part to locate into the nice shiney alloy bit line them up and gently and definately tap the two parts back together replace the clamp and hey presto all is done.

The wrong TD04HL-15G?

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