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Volvo Furniture – 240 Seats Become Chairs

Volvo furniture – 240 seats become chairs? Yep. MVS Volvo Forums member Adler made home furniture chairs from Volvo 240 seats.

If you’ve ever thought about making furniture from old Volvo parts, and I know I have, Adler’s project will interest you. He even made the seat heaters work!

This is my gearhead IKEA project. I think I started on this because my couch was stupid and uncomfortable.


240 seats become chairs — the background and project

Being a Volvo nut, I found a full set of ’93 240 sedan seats on ebay for cheap money and the guy even delivered them to me in his 240DL! I stripped the upholstery off to give them a little cleaning but they weren’t in bad shape to begin with. I found both the thermo switches in the heat panels were dead so I ordered new ones and new tilt knobs from a volvo dealer in Illinois. Took weeks for them to find the parts but they finally arrived.

I borrowed a friend’s mig welder and made up some legs for the two front seats to bolt to.

Then I got some original seat heater switches, a 12v 350w power supply, some cabling and fittings and other odds and ends and put it all together in a circuit breaker box.

I used mil spec male and female connectors that thread together for attaching the 12v cables to the control box so if I want to move the seats somewhere else(outside??), it all disconnects.

I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out since I was winging it most of the time. Arm rests would be nice though…The lumbar works, tilt knobs work, driver’s seat moves up and down in the front and back, and the heat is very quick. I have yet to do anything with the backseat. There’s not much room in my house for it so I’m not sure if I will build a frame for it. I would have to get creative with the frame since the back seat doesn’t have any metal structure on the outside to bolt to.

240 Seats Become Chairs
240 Seats Become Chairs

Volvo Furniture – 240 Seats Become Chairs

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