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Free Parts, Thanks to Swedish Motors

First, a big thanks to Swedish Motors in Boulder, Colorado for the Free Parts, especially Sophie who contacted me to pick up these parts for MVS members. They’ve got a good Yelp rating (4.5).

Swedish Motors Techs

Give em a Like on Facebook! They’re celebrating 45 years in business.

These parts are free to you. Claim them in the thread linked below, or contact me. Tuesday night I’ll open it up beyond MVS Contributors.

  • Please don’t pick with the intention of selling it. These parts are to help you or another Volvo owner with her/his car, to get it running or to keep it running.
  • No hoarding. Again, these parts are to help you or another Volvo owner with her/his car, to get it running or to keep it running.
  • Please no more than two parts per member.
  • You pay shipping at USPS. This can be as low as $8.
  • Please understand these parts are not known to work. They are not “known working” parts. You’re taking a chance. However, they came from Swedish Motor’s parts shelf, so at that time, they were known working.
  • US states and Canada.

Free Parts!

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So I changed out my struts and shocks and purchased some colorful Bilstein HD parts for my 1998 S70 Base. Next time I visited my mechanic he asked me about my new suspension and why I chose those parts. Naively, I said, “They’re heavy duty and their for performance.” to which he responded, “Where are you racing around with this car?” He explained that I chose something ill suited for my car (not much giddy-up) and will give me a ride like a pick-up truck.
Two years later…I agree he was right. I live in LA, lots of stop-n-go and tons of pot holes. He recommended to me Sachs or genuine Volvo in the future.

Hope that helps you choose

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