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Goodyear TripleTred Tire Review

Goodyear TripleTred Tire Review

The new Goodyear tires did very well in about 8-10 inches of snow last night. I went from Centennial to Morrison, CO, round trip of about 80 miles. Roads were a mix of snow, plowed snow, slush and ice.

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These Goodyear tires are highly rated (at all-season, 80,000 mile warranty passenger car tire. I get nothing from Goodyear or anyone else; I paid full retail for these in Seattle 8 weeks ago.Traction was very good in the snow. They’re as quiet as any tire I’ve owned. Dry performance seems a bit less than that of the Dunlop SP 5000s these Goodyear tires replaced.

gy assurance triple ci2 l - Goodyear TripleTred Tire Review

Goodyear’s Assurance TripleTred All-Season tire offers premium traction come rain, shine, or ice. Three unique tread patterns, or zones, give you confident handling throughout the year. A sweeping tread design clears excess water away, while the tire’s unique composition provides extra control when things freeze over. And thanks to distinct ‘evolving’ grooves, traction stays strong even as the tire wears.


  • Dry Zone connects you to the road via large outer tread blocks for optimal handling in dry conditions
  • Water Zone features a sweeping tread pattern that pushes water away and out of sight during wet weather
  • Ice Zone uses a volcanic sand and glass composition that neutralizes slippery surfaces
  • Evolving Traction Grooves have been specially designed to sustain traction as tire life progresses


Last year, I purchased a 1999 XC which happened to have a brand new set of Goodyear Assurance tires. I live in Seattle, which is always wet, and hilly. I have made it easily up steep wet, icy hills where Jeep Cherokee’s were sitting feebly spinning all 4’s. The are also really good looking. They do provide a wider tread pattern, as well. Down side is it does take some MPG away, and since they are uni-directional, I can only do a front-to-back tire rotation.

80k miles is a lot of miles for a warranty, I agree. It’s either a very long-lasting tire, or Goodyear is going to take a hit on replacements.

Anyway, another big snowstorm today, another problem-free drive (to work this time).

These tires seem to have a “soft” feel to get traction on the snow and ice.

MadeInJapan says:

Wow…80K mile tread and it looks like a pretty aggressive tread too. I bought some Bridgestone Turanza LSH’s and V’s for the winter drive ability you apparently bought these for and they have been really good tires. I haven’t had the snow you’ve had to really give them their due but in the dry, wet and heat, they’ve been much better (and quieter) than the Michelin Energy MXV’s that were on both of our cars (’98 S70 and ’04 V70). Keep us updated on their performance as they wear.

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