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Volvo S70 As A Winter Car?

Is this Winter Car?

Forum member volvooh wonders if a front-wheel drive S70 will be the same or better than a front-wheel drive V70, given the same years. “We are considering an S70 as a winter driver. We have V70 wagon (FWD)- its okay in the snow but far from being a billy goat. I was wondering how an S70 (FWD) would perform. I have always attributed the light body weight and elongated frame on the V70 to is lack of winter handling.” Winter Car

Volvo 240 in snow
Not an S70, but snowy?

Considering S70 as a winter driver a Winter Car?

From Volvo:

Winter driving

Updated 9/17/2018

It is important to check the vehicle before driving in cold/snowy conditions to make sure it can be driven safely.

Before the cold season arrives:

  • Make sure the engine coolant contains 50% antifreeze. This mixture helps protect the engine from frost erosion down to approx. -35 °C (-31 °F). Do not mix different types of antifreeze as this could pose a health risk.
  • Keep the fuel tank well filled to prevent condensation from forming.
  • Check the viscosity of the engine oil. Oil with low viscosity (thinner oil) improves cold-weather starting and reduces fuel consumption when driving with a cold engine.


Low-viscosity oil should not be used with hard driving or in hot weather.

  • Check the condition and charge level of the start battery. Cold weather places greater demands on the start battery and reduces its capacity.
  • Use washer fluid containing antifreeze to help prevent ice from forming in the washer fluid reservoir.

Slippery driving conditions

For optimal traction and roadholding, Volvo recommends using snow tires on all wheels whenever there is a risk of snow or ice on the road.


Certain countries require use of winter tires by law. Not all countries permit the use of studded tires.

Practice driving on slippery surfaces under controlled conditions to learn how the vehicle reacts.

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Daniel Ford says:

Been driving Volvos in NE for some time. If you can afford it,buy 4 snows and you’ll never get stuck again. I switch back in the Spring. jmo

Awesome in Fairbanks Alaska. I have driven my 98 S70 and have not had any issues with winter driving other than issues than plague any car at -40. The one thing i would say is be sure to buy some blizzak tires or a similar brand and you should be good to go.

The wheelbase on a V70 would be nice from time to time but my S70 gets me around better than most other cars out there.

Dreadful in NE Ohio. Too much torque steer definately destabilizes the car. Low front end hangs up in anything but a minute amount of snow. I would get stuck all of the time

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