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Guy posts $11k redblock Engine, gets roasted

At risk of being charged with piling on, this is an example of the intersection of social media and Volvos. No, I’m not going to get into the habit of posting these.

And now, for the Main Event:

In what would have drawn criticism from at most a few dozen people before the Internet, Facebook post B230ft 16v volvo BUILT motor in the Volvo Parts/Cars For Sale/Wanted group has 239 comments at time of this writing, most of them poking fun at the ad poster.

No receipts, not blueprinted, not dynoed

I won’t reveal his name here because it’s irrelevant. Just know not to do what he did, unless you’re wearing your tractor-themed flame-retardant PJs.

The crux of the criticism he’s getting is because he didn’t back up any of his claims about this engine. No receipts, no blueprint, no dyno sheet, not even a video of it actually running.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

B230ft 16v -- the subject of the brouhaha of the day
B230ft 16v — the subject of the brouhaha of the day

In my best shot at objectivity, I can say, at the very least, it’s not presented well. The photos show it sitting on a tire with not much done to make it look good. And let’s be honest: you need to move mountains to get 2-3X top dollar for a redblock.

Some responses

  • I could buy like 25 Volvos for that
  • The hell you smokin my guy? Do yourself a favor and delete this post.
  • Meth injection, and I don’t mean into the motor.
  • If it were a competition build, you’d have the build information available. No one I know in rally would put a mystery engine in their car regardless of the price point. Nevermind an 11k engine that’s “totally built bro, don’t worry about it.”If you’re reluctant, perhaps you should consider reposting this when you’re serious. That would include having the build info people are requesting available. I think everyone here wants to be excited about this, but they’re going to need a reason.You also don’t need to spend $11,000 on an engine to rally competitively. Which I suppose is why you’ve posted it here and not in any of the numerous North American rally groups.

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