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Headlight Wipers – Fix or Forget? S70, V70, 850

Let’s talk Headlight Wipers

This morning I got under the hood and after a more thorough inspection, I noticed that one of the engine grounds was oxidized straight through. Went to autozone got 2, changed them out, and $12 later both wipers are working fine. Now I just need to figure out where to get that left arm assembly…


bpc2646 wrote:

“So speaking of these massively annoying little parts, the passenger side wiper motor will not turn off on my car! The wiper arm does not move unless you tap it, at which point it stays in the upright position and will not come back down until it randomly decides to do so. The washer fluid does not come out of the washer anymore either. I also just had the wiper stolen off the arm at school (don’t ask me why) and I am at the point where I just want to disconnect the motor from its power source. Simple task I thought, but when I looked the procedure up in the repair manual it basically said nothing about how to do so. Can anyone help with this or explain what is going on. Its drained my battery a few times too, and that motor running gets really old after a while.”

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