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Click the "New Topic" button to Post a Topic in the MVS Volvo Forums. Easy!

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How to log into MVS Volvo Forums

3. Choose the right forum

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4. Click New Topic

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3 Replies to “How to Post a Topic”

  1. I own a 2001 volvo xc v70 with 137,000 miles..My gear shaft has begun to lock up on me and takes me to turn car on and off to loosen it or I am unable to shift into reverse or drive. Light on dashboard indicates service but that’s all, I see nothing in message area. Secondly when I place car and gear and it gives a slight jolt when I have foot on break am I am waiting for it with a pause before it will shift into gear and allow me to drive..As I am new to volvo’s and this is my first one used I am unsure if this is a transmission issue and if I should get a second opinion.. I did bring it down to a local garage I used a few months back for a minor repair and they checked tranny fluid which is full but there is a slight leak..Thirdly the coolant seems to drain out and will hold but for about 2 weeks at a time…All in all I’m scared this is going to run me an arm and a leg and I am a single mother.. Can you give me suggestions please? I really need this car to last me…!!!

  2. I have an 05 xc90 2.5 2wd. Code p0500. Abs comes on sometimes and stays off sometimes. No speedometer issues. Runs great. Every once in a while the transmission acts jerky. What do y’all think

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