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Advice and suggestions on what tools to buy to make working on your Volvo easier

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10K Mile Roadtrip – What to Bring?

I am planning a spring trip from RI to Alaska, returning by way of CA and the southern route. The trip will probably be close to 10K miles. I want to have on hand critical, show stopping devices that would be hard to come by without ordering and waiting for parts. My List so far includes a good set of tools, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, radiator hoses, coolant, cell phone, cap, rotor, plugs and wires and transmission fluid. This is a 98 V70, early model low-pressure turbo AWD.

Warm Garage - How to Heat It

How to Heat Your Garage

Cold fingers keeping you out of your garage in the winter? Here is a discussion of electric vs. kerosene heating, plus thoughts on insulation. Don’t wait to work…

Fix Your Floor Jack

DIY: Floor Jack O-ring Rebuild MVS Contributor CN90 — author of well over a dozen DIYs in the Volvo Repair Database — writes another outstanding DIY, this time…

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Serpentine Belt Tool DIY

Found a post from someone else on how to make a serpentine belt tool. For a 1.99$ get a pipe cap, grind it with a metal grinder ( duh 😀 ) and then drill a hole through the thread area and use a metal bar to give it some force, I used a big drill bit i had around my garage. It worked just fine. Thanks to the person who came up with this idea, just thought I would spread it and save you 30 dollars as someone else did to me.

How to Use JD’s Delta Link Tool

Learn how to use JD’s Delta Link Tool Instructions — Short Version If you don’t have a feel for mechanical limits of tools, don’t borrow this. Never use…