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How to Buy a Volvo

Wondering How to Buy a Volvo ? Volvo owner, Volvo DIY’er, and MVS Volvo Forums Contributor mecheng gives us his outstanding essay on how to buy a Volvo.   I…

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How to Read a CARFAX Report

“Specifically, does anyone know what ‘Corporate Vehicle’ means? I’m guessing it wasn’t used as a taxi or a delivery car (I’d think the milage would be higher and the maintenance, compared to a Chrysler minivan, would kill a company) and I’d think that if it were associated with a dealer fleet car, there would be gobs of maintenance records. The fact that the only maintenance records is that it’s been at a Midas shop three times is odd, but again, I know not every shop would report their service. I sure hope it’s not running on the original timing belt!”