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How to Remove Center Speaker on the Dash

Q: Does any one has the experience on how to remove the dashboard speaker grill? Do I need some special to tool? A few days ago when I tried to use a flat plastic stick to unclench the mesh, it didn’t work and formed a small dent on the soft part of the dash. So this time I will try the way you suggested.

A: Get a bone tool or similar so you won’t mar or indent the dash where you pry. Once you get one side of it up simply gently grab it and pull upward.

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Thank yuckuJackD so much for such detail PDF file and again thanks a lot for otis44 and FCPGroton for your helpful suggestion!!!

I made a hook this time, removed the speaker grill and found the reason of the speaker noise.

There was a small piece of paper (a label) on the top of the speaker which caused some noise when I played the music loud.

How to Remove Center Speaker

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