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S60 & V70 Audio Upgrade

Crush the mystery on 2001-2007 Volvo audio upgrades. This is a must-read before planning audio upgrades on an S60, V70 or XC70.


MVS contributor fazool crushes any and all mystery over S60 audio upgrades (really any P2 Volvo like V70, XC70 etc.) with this outstanding, exhaustive post. This post is so extraordinary I’d say it’s a must-read before planning audio upgrades on an S60, V70 or XC70.

Over the years, I have repaired, replaced or upgraded the audio systems in countless cars, including several of my (so far) five Volvos. From this, I was able to glean insight into Volvo’s system approach and their different audio designs. This is based on my two different S60’s (01 & 07).

There are, already, general guides for removing head units, etcetera, so I won’t repeat those but I will try to detail some areas that weren’t well discussed elsewhere.

My general principles are to shop around very intensely and find good deals. I want good audio systems but, frankly, I want to do it on a budget. I also want to keep the vehicles as stock and original as possible. I want the system to be essentially invisible.

My audio Upgrades summary :

  • Kept the factory head units
  • Kept rear deck speakers (for now)
  • Custom-made stock-like cables
  • Used all factory wiring harnesses
  • Changed from speaker to pre-amp outputs
  • Added a 4-channel amp
  • Replaced front door speakers (top and bottom)
  • Replaced rear door speakers
  • Added “center” dash speaker

S60 audio upgrade notes

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