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I Met Some MVS Members

We love our MVS Members

Stone 36 from Logan, Utah and IVIustang (Jesse) from Saskatchewan, Canada.

On Saturday I got to talk with Stone, author of XC90 Front Brake Job tutorial, for about an hour, and I checked out his very pretty 2005 XC90. He drove himself and five passengers down from Utah in his XC90 (some of them kids, thankfully). He showed me the seat configuration for the trip, and how versatile the XC90’s seats are in general. XC90s are bigger on the inside than the outside.

Just today I got to meet Jesse and his non-Volvo-owning friend Andy*, and I got to see Jesse’s outstanding S70 SE (a Canadian designation for T5). He gets ridiculously good fuel economy in that, and had at one time a hydrogen generator pushing hydrogen to the combustion chamber(!) for even better economy. Search for his posts for more on his fuel economy, the hydrogen generator, and his recent VERY cool SAS Delete tutorial.

Jesse's 1998 S70 SE
Jesse’s 1998 S70 SE

I took Jesse and Andy to Volvo Specialists, right down the road from my house. If you want to talk Volvos, it’s where to go in Denver. We chatted with Service Writer Brett for about an hour, looking at his Bertone and his S60 R (pictured). If there’s a nicer, more knowledgeable (example), more Volvo-enthusiastic shop in the country I’d like to know where it is.

Anyway, it’s good to be part of a community that helps others, and when I can meet those who do that, it makes my day, and not the least because they’re car guys like me. I always feel right at home talking about oversteer, Seafoam and heel-and-toeing.

Thanks to both of you for visiting while you were here in Denver! To others, I’m always up for meeting. Just give me a holler.

* he says he swears he’s considering one. I say keep your Honda, Andy!

S60 R
Volvo Specialists service writer Brett (left) shows his fantastic S60 R’s innards to Jesse and Andy

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My 2004 Volvo s60r the all wheel drive isn’t working took it to a trans shop they said it has a 76 code saying low voltage in the tcm but there not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jonny

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