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Just Got Back from Volvo Specialists (Denver)

Let’s talk about Volvo Specialists

…and wow do they know their stuff. Volvo Specialists are a very talented crew with a substantial amount of experience gained by working for local dealer service departments (McDonald Volvo, Rickenbaugh Volvo). I met owner Mike, manager Brett, and about five techs*, and toured the larger-than-I-thought service area.

These Guys Live and Breathe Volvos

I spent an hour talking to friendly, enthusiastic service manager Brett about his shop, his car, and Volvos in general. He’s got a fantastic 2006 S60 R with an ingenious, custom fabricated glass window on its air filter housing so he can easily see the condition of his performance cone filter.

These Volvo Specialists techs are genuinely heavily invested in Volvo cars… they all drive them, and I could sense a healthy workplace rivalry involving who has the fastest/cleanest Volvo. :D It would be strange if there wasn’t that rivalry. You know… guys + cars…

See my Stage 0 checklist of this V70 R

*One tech I’d accosted at a Wendy’s restaurant about a year ago because of his stunning 850 Platinum. It was so nice — I saw it in the parking lot before I went in — I kinda cleared my throat and approached a couple people in the restaurant and asked them if the Volvo in the parking lot was theirs. Granted, not a smooth way to meet people (I’m sure I sent his heart into his throat, that he thought somebody smashed into it, and was trying to find the owner), but when praise cannot be held back for an outstanding Volvo, I had to find the right person.

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An update on this – they’ve been “Baker Garage” for several years now. They expanded more broadly the makes they work on… it’s more than just Volvo although I couldn’t tell you which. Maybe all? Anyway the staff has turned over and I don’t know anyone there any longer, which makes me give them a Neutral rating until I get a report in on them, good or bad.

my a/c cools great but after a while the compressor shuts off—anyhelp other replcing the comp. would be helpful–i heard about shimming the clutch–do you have to remove the compressor to do this–also how do you decide whether to add or subtract shims?any help would be appreciated thank you —–KENNETH OTTS

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