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iPod for my new S40 T5

Getting an iPod?

I followed your instructions and wired my Harman Kardon Drive + Play with the FM-modulator using the 9V-method. A nice unit the HK – I have to say, background hiss is minimal.

At first I did a test install in my sister’s car, a Peugeot 206 with a normal car radio and normal antenna. Although there was a small hiss (no filter used yet), the music came out at full dynamic range, better or at least equal to FM-radio.

Then I opened my Volvo S40 (2006) at all sides, made the antenna patch cables (soldered them) etc. and did a clean install.

I have to say, the music comes out of the radio on every frequency I chose, overruling any and all radio station that is broadcasting on that particular frequency. Like I said, minimal background hiss.

iPod for my new S40 T5

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