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iPOD Volvo Connection

ipod volvo connection

iPOD volvo connection process explained.

If you’re an iPod user, the Volvo iPod Adapter is the perfect connection for your iPod directly to your car’s audio system. Simply plug it into a cable located in your Volvo’s armrest compartment, and then your car’s audio system controls take over. The Volvo iPod Adapter also charges your iPod whenever the car is running. The Volvo iPod Adapter can be easily installed by your Retailer and fits all current S60, V70, XC70 and S80 models (2001 & on).

MVS Forum Moderator matthew1 says:

At first glance, FM solutions do look promising.

My wife and I have an iTrip (FM broadcaster for iPods), and while perfectly acceptable 95% of the time, it does take a few minutes to set up before driving, and static and other stations encroach and wash over the signal from time to time.

And the downside you mentioned — no charging. Throw into the whole mix that the wired connection I mentioned in this thread’s first post appear to allow control of the iPod through the radio’s head unit, and the wired solutions look much more preferable to me than FM.

MVS Forum Member Guest asks:

Article from usatoday:

I just thought it might be interesting since some people swap out their systems. Also at the bottom it mentioned that Alpine is developing an adapter for about $100. I believe most of the 850 systems are alpine so this could possibly be used?

Any thoughts?

MVS Forum Member burchs1 replied:

Some reasonable options for hooking your ipod into your 850: (Cost is between ($100-$140)

If you still have your factory radio and it has a CD din connection on the back or you have the din connection inside your trunk then you can use a Blitzsafe adapter to create a direct AUX input. (Blitzsafe adapter costs about $100). I highly recommend you use the Monster Low Profile charger that has a true line out on the dock connecter to charge and hook the ipod to the AUX input (RCA connectors). (Monster adapater can be found at CompUSA for $40). You will also need a mini to RCA cable to hook to the input (try Radio Shack, etc.). (Beware of the Belkin and In Case ipod chargers…they don’t have true line outs, and the audio connection is near the cigarette lighter connectore (creates interference). Other options for true line out (use your dock…or use the Sendstation tunedock line out with a charger such as the Griffin or Sik imp line out, which includes line out and charger)

I have a 1995 854T which I had already replaced the head unit years ago with a much nicer Clarion unit, unfortunately there are no AUX input options for my setup unless I attach a CD changer currently. My solution was to use a hard wired FM Modulator (Audiovox FM Modulator (FMM100A)) ($50, can be found at Circuit City,etc.). Hard wired modulators work very well (there is no comparison with wireless transmitters, most of which are terrible). Installing the modulator is simple and doesn’t require any sodering or cable can tap the 12v lead and ground wires from the radio using Tap-In Squeeze Connectors from Radio Shack (part no. 64-3053).

So, if you don’t care about controlling your ipod from your head unit then these are great options. If you want to control your ipod from your head unit then you are looking at spending in the neighborhood of $300-$400+ if you need to replace your head unit.


Connect Your iPod to Your Volvo

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I have a volvo thtat original had Radio cassette play that could take a CD tray in the trunk, swapped that out for a Radio Casete CD player. Finally got fed up with static from the FM transmitter and I just purchased one of these units from Grom and installed this weekend for my iPod (and a separate connection for my android phone) …not cheap but works very nicely.
Volvo 94-00 GROM USB/iPod interface adapter (VOL94U2) – 1 pcs x 129.99
Add iPod cable for charge and control (ISIPD) – 1 pcs x 24.99

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