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Who Makes a Volvo Radio?

volvo radio manufacturer

Hot topic! The volvo radio.

The Volvo radio seems to be a hot topic here on the MVS forums. From discussions on upgrading and installing aftermarket systems to getting information on who is making the stock radio units. Read on to learn more and see what our forum members have to say in regards to who makes a Volvo radio.

MVS Forum Member elchopperfreak asks:

Who actually does Volvos 850/s70 radios, heard that its Alpine, is this true?
The reason I ask is that I was wondering if I could add a Sirius control to the OEM one.


MVS Forum Member JRL replied:

Mitsubishi makes the SC 8 series, 812 813 815 816 radio.
Alpine makes the 900 and 901 series radio.

MVS Forum Member elchopperfreak asks:

Double checked and I have the 900-901 model
Any specific Sirius model that fits those radios? Is it possible?

MVS Forum Member BEJinFbk replied:

I don’t think you’ll find any 900/901 specific Sirius units for the 90’s era HU’s.
You’ll need an adapter for an external audio input via the 6 disc changer port on the 900/901 radio.
Search USA-Spec and Blitzsafe for these adapters. Then you can plug ANY audio source in.
You’ll have to live with the Sirius controller somewhere. Maybe the ashtray area?

MVS Forum Member JRL adds:

XM units are better
I have a thin Commander mounted in the hole where the ashtray was.
Nice, clean install

Volvo radio manufacturer?


enock rapuleng says:

i am using volvo 950 i would like you to assist me with my radio which is giving me error codes after i have took the battery from the popwer terminals please help me

Nana Bells says:

please tell me how do i correct the anti theft code for my tape since the number is missing. i want to use the same tape its still okay kindly let me know soon thanks


I had to change the battery in my 99 s70 wagon. In doing so it triggered the anti theft mechanism for the radio. I bought the car used and didnt receive the code needed to disable the anti theft lock. How do i go about getting a code for this? perhaps there is a short cut?(fingers and toes crossed)Thanks,

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