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June 2017 Newsletter

Volvo News - MVS Newsletter

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Volvo News – June 2017

1. Fast Server! Whoo!
2. Details on the new 2018 XC60
3. XC90 – Major Topics
4. MVS Moderators now Richer Than Ever
5. Volvo Jacks of Death
6. Popped Out Axle Symptoms
7. Real-World XC90 T6 Advice
8. Good Buy or Goodbye?
9. How to Improve MVS?
10. QOTM

1. Fast Server! Whoo!

I usually put MVS site news lower in this newsletter, but this one is big: MVS now runs on a monster, robust server. See all the details in that link of what was the biggest single administration change in MVS history. I prepared for this for a month, and seeing MVS pages load more quickly than ever is very satisfying.

I’m working on fixing avatars and other various missing or broken images, currently. See anything else that’s not right? Have an opinion about the design or functionality? Do you notice a significant speed boost? Please post here or use the MVS contact form to email me directly.

2. New XC60 – Details Are In

Volvo has revealed “the rest” of the info on the new XC60. This is only the second generation XC60, remember. The first generation ran for the better part of a decade, which is an eternity in the small SUV market, so if you’re surprised we’re only at the beginning of 2nd gen., you’re not alone.

Volvo can get away with it though, because generally Volvo design design is top-notch and has more staying power than say that of GM. (The first generation XC90 was sold for over a decade.)

The new XC60 starts at $41,500.

3. XC90 – Major Topics

Now that we have hundreds of great threads on XC90 DIYs and tips, it was time it got its own Major Topics topic… Here, the good, popular, useful XC90 information is brought together.

4. Hey MVS Mod, Can I Borrow Some Dough?

The moderators walked away with $182.30 each last month because you donated in the Spring 2017 MVS Moderator Donation Drive. Thanks to everyone who donated!

5. Volvo Jacks of Death

Have you used the Volvo jack to change a flat? Are you still alive to tell the tale? If so, I’ve got a thread for you.

6. Popped Out Axles Feel Like…

… a broken transmission.

Incorrectly seated axles are one of the 10,000 things that are easy to get wrong when DIY’ing your Volvo.  At least it’s not a major problem, and it’s easy to fix. But for a minute, if you’re like me, you’ll think your transmission has bitten the dust.

7. Real-World XC90 T6 Advice

In the never-dull world of the XC90 T6, MVS member  SuperHerman writes a very honest account of owning one.

8. Good Buy or Goodbye? … a Head’s Up

I renamed the forum “Buy This… or Don’t!” to “Good Buy or Goodbye?“. It’s the forum where you ask for the community’s thoughts on if a particular Volvo is a smart buy or not.

9. I’m Always Listening!

I want to make MVS work for you. Machines should serve humans, not the other way around, right? In that light, what can I do to make MVS better? Related: do you get value from the MVS Newsletter? Contact me.

10. QOTM

“I admit I run a car harder than most people. My thought is if the car manufacturer did not intend for the accelerator to hit the floor than it would stop higher.” — June in Volvo Synthetic oil campaign 2016 – warranty requirement?

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