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Koni Sports + IPD Springs

Koni Sports

Koni Sports

IG-88A wrote

I just purchased a new set of Koni Sport adjustable shocks and struts and picked up a set of IPD springs for my 850 turbo. I’m planning on installing these tomorrow. I was looking for anyone who might have dealt with this combination before, and could shed some light on what setting would be a good starting point for the rears, whether or not I should have any issues with stock 16″ tire size, or any other tips, tricks, helpful advice. I, for one, was shocked when i didn’t even need a compressor to install the springs on the struts. But after a phone call to IPD, they assured me that it was normal. Anyway, thanks in advance.


I’ve been riding on Koni Yellows since 2006. I had them so long they rotted through and leaked, and Koni replaced all 4 last year under warranty!

New Koni Sports + IPD Springs. 850. Seeking experience.

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