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What OBDII Scanner Should I Get?

OBDII Scanner

New! We have the latest on the Autel MaxiDiag Elite 802. See what MVS Forums members are saying about this code reader: Autel MaxiDiag Elite 802.

Your Guide to Buying a Code Reader

  • Actron or Autel? Or Innova?
  • Should I spend just $30 or will spending $100 on an OBDII scanner make sense down the road?
  • Will it reset codes? SRS codes even?

There are dozens — maybe hundreds — of different OBDII scanners for sale out there. Make sure you get the right one for you. See what MVS Forum members say, and if you can’t find your answer, join the forum (free, quick) and ask your own question about reading codes on your Volvo.

MVS Volvo Forum member shiloh51933:

I been looking on E-bay at this one that I attached, it’s not as good as the one I use to have at work but it looks okay. I’ve been looking at this model for a while cause it was more in my price range but now that I’m bringing in more flow I think I could spend more on something better. Any suggestions for something up to maybe a 100.00 or less if it’s good, this OBDII is mostly for self but sometimes I do side jobs for people. Appreciate any opinions, thanks.

MVS Volvo Forum Contributor div4scpro:

Happy ending!
1 expedited Amazon Prime order and $220 later an Autel MaxiDiag Elite 802 made my day. Instead of paying $198 minimum to the dealership and only a receipt to show for it, I have my SRS codes reset and a new inspection sticker on my car.
My lessons learned:

  • I’m not knocking Vida-Dice at all, but for someone like me the technology of a scan tool, even a complex one, is easier to manage than creating a virtual machine on you computer to run Vida-Dice or other software modifications.
  • I’m not saying that this Autel model or even Autel period is the only choice for someone making a scanner choice, even though it saved my bacon this time. Autel advertises a number of models that are less expensive than this model, but I wasn’t sure if they covered my year, make and model. Do your homework, even call tech support at the manufacturer.

What OBDII Scanner Should I Get?


what software or tool would i use to change the dash language of my 2007 volvo v70 from japanese to english

Which OBDII scanner and software is best for me

I have the following family cars

1998 volvo s70
2000 volvo s70 and v70
2001 inifiniti I30
2002 honda civic
2004 toyota echo

Thank you

i have a VOLVO S60-T5-2001
Which OBDII READER MODEL should i buy.
as i am writing now the car it’s showing: ORANGE TRIANGLE & E/CHECK at the same time

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