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Make Lemonade from a ’99 S80

What to do with a ’99 S80?

S80“Well after the passing of my beloved 850 T5, I purchased an 1999 S80. Now I know this wasn’t exactly the championship year for this car but my father bought it on impulse so I gotta make lemonade. What are some things to be wary of on this model/year.”

Things I have repaired since buying my S80 in 2008 with about 99,000 miles on her (without first checking out it reputation! ):

  • Left front wheel hub twice (both times used FAG hub). If it goes again will go with SKF which i believe to be be OEM. Thought FAG was OEM.
  • Lava lamp” failure (here’s another S80 rearview mirror fix) of auto-dimming rear view mirror.
  • Siren module replaced. Acid from small batteries leak and eat through the wires from the battery. Also do a search for this if yours dies. The acid hadn’t damaged my printed circuit board but i didn’t know this until i had removed it. Maybe could have just put in new battery pack…
  • S80 PCV system replaced (had dealer do this).
  • cvvt reset valve replaced (error code ecm-644a).
  • Had dealer replace leaking transmission output shaft seal on passenger side which was leaking.
  • Had dealer fix leaking turbo oil return line on passenger side turbo. I think previous repair by this or another dealer had forgotten to put in the small flange gasket. It was just a very slow leak but made a mess.
  • Had to have dealer replace the S80 ignition switch tumbler assembly. Couldn’t turn key. What a crappy design. Never had this occur on any other vehicle.


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15yrsOLD2000volvoS80t6 says:

Yep, had me fair share probs as do most cars when they get older, they nEEd!repairs/maintnce..DIY saves money, you Just need google to find out how to fix anything and everything.Hear is A quick DIY Tip that will hopefully save you alot of money if you are having idle/stalling or sim probs ok.Tip no1=FIXING your volvo from stalling /rough Idle ect could be as easy as cleaning the ATM located under the Intmanifold ,Disconnect the battery neg ,pull bottom hose off the ATM, exposing the throttle butterfly ,Spray small amount of carbi cleaner inside, wipe around inside with eg:small paint brush,Repeat few times if you like or until satisfide with your cleaning,replace bottom hose ,connect battery start car. Very Basic to test veh problem,BUT! this is just a quick fix clean,well at least for 12mnths without service,this should fix rough idle/stalling if that is the case with your do it at your own risk also..i used this method and saved alot of money and brainmashing on my older volvo 2000s80t6,I also cleaned my ATM this way but in greater detail, as in removing the ATM unit itself and do full clean/service. BUT i RECOMMEND you google this procedure and the thousands more videos and forums on how to fix your volvo, and also just for your own knowledge base sake and to save money and rid the headaces that follow.So i hope that this balances out the fact you know nothing about your volvo so its about time you learnt how to care for your volvo:D mine is 15yrsOLD2000volvoS80t6 twin turbo sweeet still like a new car after all this time 🙂

John Robillard says:

I have a picture I took at a Volvo repair shop. It is a pic of a V8 S80 AWD,that needed it’s rear main seal replaced.
I could not imagine how much work this little part could cause.
My question is, Does this place know what they are doing?

Jim Peisker says:

Interesting about lemon Volvo years. I’ve always thought Volvo made good cars but recently I’m hearing certain years and models have an unusual amount of reliability issues.
Anybody know where I can read up on which years and models to avoid (the lemons)?

Chesterpaw says:

Our 1999 S80 makes funky squeely sounds when first starting but does go away in time Is this something to be worried about?

hi just bought an 2004 s80 now got a problem with abs light coming on when it lights the car loses power for a moment can anyone help?

Randy Oehlert says:

New to Volvo
I was given a 1999 Volvo S8p 2.9
After installing a new battery the SRS URGENT is now on my left side information screen.
I had been driving the car for about a week with no problems and the car has never been in an accident of any kind.
But it did sit several years without being driven. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the SRS message.
Thank you for any advice.

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