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Monster Bolt-On Turbo in Prototype Phase

Air Fuel Mix

The Monster Turbo Cometh

Rye Z of RZ Design is our guest on Fast Friday #30. He writes about the nearly-ready-to-sell kit, built around a Mitsubishi TD05H-16G “The TD05H shares these same advantages, but is capable of much higher output because of its size.”

The first version of the  Monster bolt prototype kit (above) featured just the basics. Oil and water lines made with the highest quality components I could find, and the necessary gaskets and flanges. Work began on the installation and the kit was tweaked and expanded. Now, as the kit nears completion, it features:

  • A milled R manifold.
  • Stainless CNC v-band turbine outlet.
  • Bosch’s newest and most advanced injectors in 550cc or 650cc depending on application.
  • RZ Design 14 blade (7 primary + 7 secondary) billet compressor wheel for more flow and faster response than the stock Mitsubishi TD05H wheels.
  • Ball raced wastegate actuator arm for smooth operation and ultimate longevity.
  • Anodized aluminum and stainless fittings.
  • Hard line for oil return.
  • Genuine Volvo hardware and gaskets.
Mitsubishi TD05H-16G aftermarket kit for Volvos

Monster Bolt-On Turbo in Prototype Phase


The Beginning: Turbo Volvos
At the age of 17, with a little help from my grandfather, I was able to save up enough money to buy my first car. I had just seen the movie Ronin for the first time, so I had it in my head that if I wanted a fast 4 door car I HAD to buy an Audi. At my parent’s request, I also test drove a Volvo because it was a “safer” car. The Volvo I happened to test drive was an 850 turbo and to my amazement it blew the doors off all the Audi 90’s and A4’s I had driven. Thus began my fascination with Volvos and turbochargers.

Eight years and 4 turbocharged Volvos later, I decided to start my own company called RZ Design with the intent to provide the Volvo enthusiast market with innovative, original, and high quality performance and cosmetic upgrades. I realized that there were product concepts that I, and other enthusiasts, might want that did not currently exist, and I set out to turn these ideas into reality. My first product was a bi-xenon retrofit kit for 98-00 S/V/C70s, and my first performance product was a direct replacement intercooler upgrade for 850s and S/V/C70s. A few months after releasing the RZ Design intercooler I decided I wanted to offer the Volvo market a complete turbo kit for anyone who wanted to go beyond just larger stock Volvo turbos.


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