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MVS Newsletter March 2018 – Volvo News

Enjoy the MVS Newsletter March 2018

Volvo News – March 2018

The biggest news in the Volvo world is of course the Volvo XC90 Uber test vehicle that struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona ten days ago.

Volvo Uber Suv Kills Bicyclist
Volvo Uber Suv Kills Bicyclist

Polestar 1 hybrid supercar is available for preorder for $2500. It’s only available as part of Volvo’s new subscription-based ownership model named “Care by Volvo”.   The Polestar 1 joins the new XC40 in this regard.

Polestar is the official Volvo Cars performance company and brand, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Polestar develops electric performance cars, high-performance cars based on Volvos and offers technical and cosmetic upgrades to enhance Volvo models.

The 1800-ish pages that make up MVS outside the forum proper have been updated with a new theme! Whooo!

Mvs Newsletter March 2018
MVS Newsletter March 2018

It works better on mobile and desktop. Take the Volvo AWD guide for instance. Faster. Prettier. Give it a shot!

MVS Volvo Forum

Air pump fix thread evolves into interesting discussion on which regions require emissions testing. And it also progressed into the moral implications of skirting emissions regulations.

TLDR: A “Volvo Specialist” shop screwed me with shotty work and I need a new head gasket again. I want advice on the best possible parts to buy for the replacement to help ensure it does not happen again. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you. Pics coming soon of my Volvo family of two.

Recent and popular: How to identify a true Cream Yellow 850 T-5R

MVS Forums member ZionXIX will be bringing his 1996 850 Turbo Wagon out of the shed for full time daily driving! This is a huge Stage 0 job, similar to Fix List for a V70.

Airbags did not deploy in this 2004 S60. Passionate forum discussion followed.

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