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MVS October 2018 Newsletter

Enjoy the MVS October 2018 Newsletter !

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A New MVS Family Member: V70 R in Sonic Blue
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MVS member (for a decade!) E Showell’s new V70 R: photos and background.

CNET Likes the new XC60
CNET » “Volvo is one of the top brands in the industry when it comes to cabin comfort, quality, fit and finish. The XC60, inside and out, shows top-notch build quality.” CNET reviews the 2019 XC60.

Adding Parking Sensors to a 2006 V70 R
MVS Forums member pdr1966sc asks what it takes to retrofit factory parking sensors to his V70 R.  Contributor mrbrian200 » “Possible yes. Practical? Probably not.”

New User Came to the Right Place 
Juniah1 » “Wow, thanks for the replies guys. I guess I did come to the right place! In regards to why I bought the aftermarket coils, I assumed that could solve the misfire and it did…” OBDII —> VIDA

Volvo Has Turned its Image Around
Forget studies and 100-page white papers. Check out the comments on this Car & Driver 2019 S60 review. The great majority are positive, and many are simply overflowing with praise for the new S60 and Volvo’s direction, which started with the new XC90 in 2014.

New Axle Stuck in Transmission
MVS Contributor bmdubya1198 » “I should have known this wasn’t going to be easy…” bmdubya1198 takes us through his axle nightmare, step by step. Ladies and gentlemen, be wary of aftermarket axles.

Leaky Oil Drain Bolt?
Are you having trouble with oil drips and leaks from the drain? Factory recommended #1 solution is to use a crush washer if you haven’t got one on there already. If it’s still leaking, here are some inexpensive solutions.

P2 vs. P3
Two years ago mecheng asked » “I’m looking at getting a V70, and I noticed the P3 (2008+) doesn’t get much love compared to P2. What is the reason?” There were several good posts about the particulars of the two generations of Volvos. Now I’ve updated this P2 vs. P3 thread with the same question, only two years later: are you likely to move into P3 Volvos? Join the forum if you’re not already joined and add your thoughts.

zwieback » I sold my 2002 V70 – it was a good car, bought it when my girls were toddlers and they both learned to drive on it. I’m a bit sad, it was a good car, never gave me any trouble and in the last few years I did all the work myself so it was hard to let go. 

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Michael J in Florida is lucky enough to own and drive this 850.

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