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Putting a Value on a T-5R

yellow 850 T-5RVery recently the MVS Volvo Forums have gotten questions on how to value 850 Rs, including this forum member’s T-5R. Insurance companies and “blue books” are decidedly unhelpful on this topic because the 1990s R cars are outliers — meaning the number of the R cars produced is too low to generate good data. Plus these cars are special to Volvo enthusiasts, and therefore carry valuations that aren’t easily calculated. Anyway, here are the forum posts:

Reason I ask is because I recently totaled mine after an old man decided to turn in front of me in an intersection. Progressive only offered me 2800 for it and I’m waiting on their second valuation. I’m also contemplating whether or not I should go the appraisal route for proper valuation.

 kcodyjr »

I disagree on how hopeless it might be.

A T-5R is a legit collector’s item, and yours is a rare low-mileage example at that. If you can show that it’s in the condition you say it’s in, with maintenance records and photos and whatnot, I don’t see why you should settle for anything less than its full retail book value.

You may be able to get more. Start fishing around for ads for similar vehicles being sold, particularly T-5R models since there’s only one year of them and they’re coveted. I’m seeing 4500-6K just on a quick check right now. Throw all the documentation you can at them.

Where the nasty letter from a lawyer comes in is reminding them that their obligation is to pay what the car is worth, which is defined as what it takes to replace it. Stated value policies aren’t a bad idea.

I got $4300, minus deductible, 2.5 years ago on my 97 GLT. I bought the “hulk” back for $283 and put it right back on the road for a $100 used fender, a $35 corner marker, and 10 minutes with a vice grip pliers straightening the corner of the hood. The rest went into deferred and preemptive maintenance. :) Quoting my mechanic, “they’re outta their f*kin minds.”

Low mileage T-5R worth?

Nada says clean retail is 3675, I’m thinking about $2500, too high? too low?
Thanks for any advice.

1997 850 R Time to sell, price help?

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Sim Lyons says:

My 855 R was totaled just over a year ago (Dec. 2012). The guy ran a light (alcohol didn’t help him slow down). He wiped out the front end and front left side. The car was declared a total loss by his insurance and they gave me $3800. I then bought the car for $800 and parted it out. Engine and trans were great, and all wheel and new Michelin winter tires were good.I came out overall with about $6000 at the end.

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