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Reading Volvo OBDII Codes: 1997 and Newer

Volvo OBDII Codes

How to go about reading your Volvo OBDII codes

Your Volvo OBDII stores information on how the car is running. If there’s a fault(s), that fault will be stored as a code in the computer’s memory. The fault may or may not also trigger a warning light like “Check Engine” or the dreaded flashing arrow. To see these codes on 1997 and newer Volvos, you must take your Volvo to:

  • a Volvo Dealer (call first to check price, reading should be free)
  • independent mechanic (call first to check price, reading should be free)
  • parts supplier (call first to check price, reading should be free)
  • or buy an OBDII tool to do it yourself ($100 – 300)

Having a Volvo OBDII code reader is useless and a waste of money — if you have a shop nearby that’ll read your codes for you for free. The Volvo dealer near me did it a couple times for me, then I traded some advertising on this site for it.

I’d get a Palm device-compatible code reader software product. Anything over $100 is a rip, in my opinion, but you may not be able to find anything less than that.

Reading OBDII Codes: 1997 and Newer


Thank you for your site, Tracy! Do you do repairs? I notice no link for 96 Volvo OBD-II codes; where might I find that thank you. Are you in the LA area, and if not, would you haved someone reasonable to whom to refer me. If it is a blown head gasket, what would be a repair.estimazte on a non turbo 5 cylinder. Thank you sooo much!

David Kendig says:

I have a V-70 2003 2.5 when I drive on the interstate set at 70mph an go up hill the car will shudder, or if I accelerate it shudders and no the check engine light is on. Any thoughts on what is going on?

Kittipong says:

Volvo 940 GLE year 1995. Did it have OBDi or OBDii.

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