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The Dreaded Flashing Arrow: PNP Switch

Flashing Arrow

The code reader and its importance: Your Volvo stores information on how the car is running. If there’s a fault(s), that fault will be stored as a code in the computer’s memory. The fault may or may not also trigger a warning light like “Check Engine” or the dreaded flashing arrow. To see these codes on 1997 and newer Volvos, you must take your Volvo to:

  • a Volvo Dealer (call first to check price, reading should be free)
  • independent mechanic (call first to check price, reading should be free)
  • parts supplier (call first to check price, reading should be free)
  • or buy an OBDII tool to do it yourself ($100 – 300)

Having an OBDII code reader is useless and a waste of money — if you have a shop nearby that’ll read your codes for you for free. The Volvo dealer near me did it a couple times for me, then I traded some advertising on this site for it.

I’d get a Volvo code reader.

Copied and pasted from another post I wrote back in June, when it was $39.95. The link directly below has my Amazon affiliate ID embedded into it, so I’ll get a % of that sale if you buy through them (plus a % of anything else on your order).

>>> Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Scan Tool <<<

Disclosure: I get a small percentage of your purchase if you use that link to buy the scan tool.

I’ve had it since April, and I love it. It has a clear, simple readout I can see in daylight or no light because it’s back-lit. It runs off the ODB port, so no batteries are required. It’s small and light, and it works on my ’97 850 as well as my 2004 V70 R. And yes, it turns off the Check Engine light in both cars. In other words, it clears codes.

It’s got only two buttons so it’s idiot proof.


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