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Steps for Replacing Ignition Switch in a 1990 Volvo 760/960

volvo740 Ignition Switch

It’s quite easy to replace the switch in a 760 and 960 vehicle, it can get a little trickier in the 740/940 series because the ignition is dash-mounted.

For the 760/960:

1) Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery and shield it (I wrapped it in a bag). Wait AT LEAST 20 minutes before doing anything else! You will be working around SRS equipment and MVS can’t be held responsible, take great care!

2) On the underside of the steering wheel, you’ll see some screw holes. Before taking these out, adjust the wheel as far down as it will go, giving you maximum room. Remove the screws (should be

3) one of them will be a Torx20 bit. 3) Pull off adjustment lever after removing its screw

4) Remove upper steering cover, it may take some rocking, but it will come off.

5) Remove lower steering cover using the same technique. Note that you may have to guide it around the ignition barrel in order to remove the cover.

6) You will see that there is a wiring harness attached to the end of the ignition switch. You can carefully pry this off with a non-conductive tool, like the bone tool from ipd.

7) Remove the two screws holding the switch in place and the switch will slide right out. Align your replacement switch, it will only seat perfectly one way.

8) Screw back in the replacement switch, re-attach the wiring harness (which is also keyed) and repeat the rest of the process in reverse.

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Tip: if you need more room to maneuver something, you can temporarily use the adjusting lever to move the wheel where needed.

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