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S40 Key Problem


MVS member mickreed:


Just bought this car for my daughter, came with one Volvo key and one fob. After much searching I realize that going to the dealer and paying $350 ish for a spare set is pretty much where I am at.
But….I found that the single key that I have won’t insert into the trunk or the glove box locks.
So… my question is would it be doable to go to a wrecking yard and get an ignition with keys, both door locks, trunk and glove box locks along with the immobilizer and just replace them with the ones in the car now?
What do you think?
Doesn’t seem like I would have to get the dealership involved, plus all my locks would work.

MVS member mf70:

A can cut a keyblade from the VIN for $27.
They alsu have new key remotes for $70. You will still tip the dealer $180 +- to program your CEM.
Make sure the cancel the old key at the same time.
Been there with an ’06.

MVS member FixXxer6 :


Glad you got it worked out. Yes, the seller should have told you. They had to have known that it wouldn’t unlock certain parts of the car even if they didn’t know what type of key it was. As far as the comment from the locksmith goes, I wouldn’t let it bother you. However it is irritating when a “professional” of a trade gives you grief about not knowing. If you knew about locksmithing, you wouldn’t have called them and given them your money. The IT dept for my company is the same way. If I have a problem with my computer, I call them and they act like I should know how to repair it. I’m like, “Why do you get aggravated when anyone calls you about computer problems, this is what you chose to do for a living”. :evil: Anyway, sorry for the rant. I’m glad you got it figured out. :D

2001 S40 Key problem

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