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Press Exit to Cancel Radio Fix

cancel radio fix

MVS forum member millergirl brings to light the annoying issue of dealing with a temperamental volvo radio. How can millergirl stop the radio from muting the volume anytime the vehicle is turned on or the radio station is switched? Is it really true that you can simply press exit to cancel radio fix?

MVS Forum user millergirl asks:

Every time I turn on my car, or change radio station on the stereo, the volume will go mute after 2 seconds, and the display will read, “Press Exit to Cancel” Cancel WHAT!??? I have no idea what is going on, but it is super-annoying. Does anyone know how to make this stop??

MVS Forum user rc330 adds:

This is a problem with my car also. They have replaced the radio and reprogrammed the car multiple times without success. Another person with the same problem on this site suggests that the ignition switch may be faulty and need replacing. It is very frustrating. I’m going to talk to Volvo again. Try turning the radio off before shutting the car down. Then, turn the radio on after starting the car and see if the problem is still there.
They now have a software patch that actually works. I had my car’s software updated earlier this month and all the radio problems I had, like yours, are fixed so far. Ask the dealer to update the software. Good luck.

MVS Forum member BenSanfran adds:


I was having the same issue with my radio on my new S40. They replaced the radio and updated the software. It turned out to be an issue with the amplifier. Have the dealership check that.

Press Exit to Cancel Radio Fix

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I just purchased a 2001 Volvo v40 1.8 T station wagon it came with the Mitsubishi manufacturing factory Volvo stereo. I bought the new one from a junkyard and had the VIN number attached to it so I called the Volvo dealer and gave the VIN number and they gave me a code of 22 23 that was entered and was unsuccessful so I called back and they asked for the serial number from the deck itself which I gave them they gave me another code 3656 and it is doing the same exact thing saying error. I know the steps you have to wait for 2 hours before trying again but I’m going to continue to get the same results that I do not understand why. Any suggestions on how I might be able to fix this I have to have my tunes lol

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