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S60 Speaker Sizes, Wiring and How to Upgrade

S60 Volvo Car Audio Headunits, Speakers + Amps

You’re wondering how to upgrade your S60 audio system, and were wondering about S60 Speaker sizes, wiring, and all the other things you need to know. Well here’s a detailed DIY of everything to get you started.

The S60 speaker basics:

  • 2 rear deck (‘Parcel shelf’) 7″ 8-ohm coaxial two-way speakers
  • 2 rear door 6.5″ 4-ohm full-range speakers
  • 2 front door 4-ohm component speakers with 6.5″ mid-woofer and 1.5″ tweeter with crossover
S60 Door Speaker -
S60 Door Speaker

MVS Contributor, 2007 Volvo S60 owner and all-around good guy fazool:

I spent a great deal of time researching stereo/audio upgrade options for my 2007 S60, but ran into missing, confusing and contradictory information everywhere I looked.

I have both a 2001 and a 2007 S60 with the basic HU-650 sound system. I also had an 2005 S40 I purchased new with the premium (Dolby Surround) sound system, so I am familiar with that, as well.

Rear Deck Speakers:

  • The rear deck speakers are an oddball size.
  • The deck opening is just over 6.5″ so 6.5 will NOT fit unless you rig up some sort of adaptor bracketry.
  • The opening is larger and the integral mounting bracket holds the speaker above the deck by about 1″
  • The rear deck speakers and the rear door speakers are wired in parallel! This is not standard and took a while to sort out.
  • The 8-ohm read deck and 4-ohm rear door speaker is wired in parallel so the head-unit sees 2.67-ohm impedance on the rear channels.
  • The parallel branching happens up front in the forward passenger compartment, sending individual wire-pairs to the speakers.

S60 Speakers & How to Upgrade/Install

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HU-615, HU-650, HU-850 – keep the headunit!


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I have a c70 Volvo. Its an 2003. I just have bought. Radio system will not turn on. At first it ask for my code. Then it only show Radio Off. I can not find how to get the system back to ask for my code, I have the code now. Can anyone tell me what to do?

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