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Lost Your Volvo DVD Remote? Here’s a $7 Replacement


No Need To Spend $100+ on a DVD Remote Replacement

If you have a Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) system, you probably have kids. If you have kids, the DVD remote has gone missing.

From The Volvo DVD RSE System page:

The system functions can be operated using the wireless remote control. All you need to do is point the remote control at the screen you want to change.

Well, yea, if you have the remote. If not, then what? $129 for a new one, that’s what. (Or $104, depending on what page you land on.) Or, you can get one for $7 at Harbor Frieght. Thanks to MVS member CyberSquatch for his post about this yesterday.

The solution:

I purchased a universal remote at Harbor Frieght, for $7.00. Used a JVC code (0443) and it works. On my XC90 2006.
Anyone to this problem, get it a try.

The problem:

I have the in console system and need a dvd remote. Anyone know where to buy one?

Has anyone gotten a universal to work with it?

Does anyone have a remote that they can get codes from and send to me to program my own universal remote?

Thanks for any help you can give. These things are rare unless you want to drop a hundred bucks on it ha ha.

You won’t win any style awards with the Harbor Freight remote, but it’ll work if you set it up for JVC devices, which the Volvo DVD system may very well be.
Remote for DVD RSE System


Also, this looks like the remote for the Volvo nav system, not the dvd player (as there are no buttons on it to work a dvd player)

Question? This seems like a really good solution, but the only button that is necessary on the Volvo DVD remote is the speaker/sound source button that turns the sound for the dvd player on (be it the rear speakers, or using the headphone jack), and I don’t see that button anywhere on this remote..

If there is a solution, please let me know, thank you

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