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Upgrade Fuel Pump Relay Capacitors

Looking to Upgrade Fuel Pump Relay Capacitors?

Volvo 850 Fuel Pump RelayA while back I [jreed] wrote up a description of upgrading the fuel pump relay capacitors, based on a nice write up originally written by Ozark Lee. You can read my write up here:

Upgrade Fuel Pump Relay Capacitors

Here is a nice description of the failure mode of the capacitor. Ozark Lee’s original fuel pump relay capacitor post has great photos and detailed instructions.

kelvin6 wrote: 

“… I THINK I figured out the exact cause of the fuel pump relay failure. 


In this picture you see these two capacitors. They are the round cylindrical items sticking up from the circuit board. Now in the write up that I read, they cited these two as the suspects for the failure, but no reason why.

So when my cousin’s S70 started stalling, we looked at several possibilities we first thought fuel pump. Its been 130K, so its probably toast by now. But I decided to take the relay out of my 850, which in fact was different (one extra pin and yellow colored relay box, plus different part number) and put it in his car. His S70 no longer stalled and the problem went away. So I took his relay, opened it up and proceded to remove the capacitors…

Read the rest:
Fuel pump relay repair for 850, S70, V70, C70 + XC70

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