Should You Replace Shocks with Nivomat?

Should Elisha replace the rear shocks on her 1999 V70 AWD with Nivomat shocks?

Nivomat labels 2000 V70R

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nivos – In general, any way… … omat.shtml


  • Safe handling thanks to constant vehicle height for all load conditions
  • Constant axle height makes driving on bumpy surfaces safer
  • Responsiveness does not become fuzzy under high axle loads
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Less wear on tires and axle
  • Lower fuel consumption due to better aerodynamics
  • No additional on-board electronics; eliminates possibility of system failures
  • No additional energy required for pump operations
  • No additional CO? emissions

This topic pairs well with the MVS What Are Nivomats? page.

MVS Member Elisha, to start the topic: “My question, to anyone that may know, is why wouldn’t the standard shocks fit onto my car? The only thing I can think of is that the car had been modified to fit a higher performing shock in a way that can’t be reversed or in a way the mechanic doesn’t understand. I’ll appreciate any help and try to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge/ability.”

MVS Member Elisha, ending the topic: “I ended up getting Volvo Nivomat shocks for the rear suspension. They were a little spendy at $193.44 each. They feel really good and ride a little stiff which I like because I can feel the road. I haven’t tested them with a heavy load yet. I just moved a few months ago so I may not get to for a while. After I get some new front strut mounts my suspension will be solid. With the new front shocks, I can cringe less when going over bumps but the rebound knocking with my current strut mounts makes me uneasy.”


MVS Contributor BEJinFbk: “And I strongly back the concept of a second or third opinion, keeping in mind – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Unmountable Shocks

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